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Different ways to make money

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What you’ll learn

  1. The various ways you can make money as a creator

So, you’ve done it - launched a website, nailed down a content calendar and have a following of dedicated readers. Amazing! You should be proud, and 🤑rewarded💰. Start turning that content into cash by exploring these tried and tested methods.

Display ads

Display ads are a static or animated image that promotes a brand, service, product or offering that appears on your website. They’re basically the billboards of the internet highway! And, like a billboard, the spaces with the most traffic will generate the most revenue.

The easiest way to include display ads on your website is to sign up with an ad network, like Google AdSense. AdSense automatically delivers ads that are targeted to your content or audience! For example, if you manage a travel blog and post about a recent trip to San Francisco, AdSense might show an ad about travel insurance, California attractions or a hotel booking service. As the owner of the site where the ad appears, you get paid when a reader views or clicks on that ad!

Brand sponsorship

Brands will often pay to have their company name, products or services featured in your content. Sponsored posts offer brands a way to get exposure from popular content creators, and they’ll pay you to do it!

Maybe your travel blog has a section dedicated to essential products. A luggage company may send you a free roller bag to try on your next trip and pay you to post about it. Or, if there’s a gadget you need your readers to know about, reach out to the company and ask if they’d be interested in partnering with you! Similar to affiliate marketing, you may be required to disclose to your users any brand sponsorships.

Quick tip

Learn how to tag sponsored and affiliate content for Google Search on Search Central.

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Creator Keiko Lynn tells all about determining how much to charge when partnering brands in this episode of Creator Insights.

Don’t be afraid to ask for tips

Sometimes, fans and readers just want to show their appreciation for your content. What you’re doing takes time, effort and talent - the kinds of things worth a little extra cash. Create an account with a virtual tip jar, like Buy Me a Coffee and gently announce it to your followers.