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Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular Story format, allowing creators to host and own their content.

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Stories that feel like yours, because they are

Reach more people and engage your audience like never before by bringing tappable Stories to your website.

A singer holding a microphone, with text that reads "weekend lineup"
Illustration of a person reading a book against a blue background, with text that reads "Spark a Passion for Reading"
A singer holding a microphone, with text that reads "weekend lineup"
Illustration of a person reading a book against a blue background, with text that reads "Spark a Passion for Reading"
A photograph of a jellyfish with text that reads "Jellyfish the Next King of the Sea"
A photograph of a plant with text that reads "The Plant Quiz"

Stories that feel like yours, because they are

Reach more people and engage your audience like never before by bringing tappable Stories to your website.

How it works

  • Web Stories are a visual medium. So when it comes to creating one, first think about what people will want to see and hear.

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Lakhan Rawat demonstrating how to hold a cricket bat
“How to hold your cricket bat correctly?” by Lakhan Rawat
A portrait of a Naved Qureshi that highlights their skin and beard
“Using a jade roller correctly” by Naved Qureshi
A person standing on a mountaintop next to a temple
“Bijli Mahadev Trek” by Divyakshi Gupta
A small automibile parked beside an open field
“Hippie Hampi” by Aishwarya Iyengar
An illustration of a person dancing to music
“Folk song and its values” by Jyotica Tangri
A person kneeling on a yoga mat
“Yoga for digestion” by Tanny Bhattacharjee
A person laying on a yoga mat performing an exercise with a ball
“Swiss ball booty workout” by Amanda Seghetti
A desk with commonplace items like a cup of coffee, a notebook, and a watch.
“Morning habits to get energized” by Pao's Fit World
A person wearing workout attire smiling.
“Full body pyramid workout” by Pao's Fit World
A person sitting outdoors in a field of grass performing a yoga pose.
“9 yoga stretches for tight hips” by Adri Kyser
A person wearing workout attire flexing their upper back.
“Upper body mobility & strength exercises” by Adri Kyser
A person using a laptop sitting on a comfy chair in an office environment.
“Our favorite office decor: 2021 edition” by Joe's Daily
A closeup of a person's hand assembling a Cookie Bowl Sundae.
“How to make a cookie bowl sundae” by Vice
A person in a kitchen assembling ingredients.
“Bake your leftover rice for a cheesy and easy meal” by Vice
A closeup of juice being poured.
“Making $20k a month selling street cocktails” by Vice
BTS pop musical group posing on a red carpet
“BTS is the first K-pop group to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100” by Vice
A person sitting in a tatoo chair looking at his shoulder
“I got a tattoo from one of Yelp's worst-rated tattoo parlors” by Vice
A Tik Tok Grandma with a wooden spatula
“I want this TikTok grandma to teach me everything about food” by Vice
Satay skewers with overlayed text "The Thai food queen of Austin"
“The Thai food queen of Austin” by Vice
Illustration of a red blog character laying unter the covers anxious
“How do I deal with nighttime anxiety?” by Vice
A chef pouring Japanese curry into a bowl
“Japanese curry” by Vice
A machine making money
“How money is made” by How Stuff Is Made
Cookies stuffed with cereal and marshmallows
“These cereal-stuffed cookies are unreal” by Refinery29
A chef assembling a burger
“The burger sisters of Kenya” by Vice
Portrait of Asia Rice with text "I got a light pink wig from a celebrity stylist"
“I got a light pink wig from a celebrity stylist” by Refinery29
A Pride day float of a skateboard with Champagne, cake and drinks
“11 tiny Pride floats to help you celebrate this year” by Vice
Eggs being poured into a pan of sauteed onions
“4 ingredient cheesy frittata at home” by Vice
A beverage with syrup being poured over the top
“7 delicious things you can get at North 3rd Street Market” by Refinery29
Abstract shapes with overlayed text "Oliver Tree goes on a bizarre meditation journey"
“Oliver Tree goes on a bizarre meditation journey” by Vice
A person laying back in a stylist chair getting a haircut
“I got a haircut from one of Yelp's worst-rated barbershops” by Vice
A person cutting into a Kchachapuri, a Georgian food dish from the restaurant Cheeseboat
“This spot is a cheese-lover's paradise” by Refinery29
A cake filled with sprinkles and candy
“These cakes are a sprinkle explosion” by Refinery29
A nail technician working on a set of jelly nails
“BLACKPINK's nail artist gave me 2-inch jelly nails” by Refinery29
A chef cutting barbaqued ribs with the text "This Texas BBQ spot is drool-worthy"
“This Texas BBQ spot is drool-worthy” by Refinery29
Samin Nostrat holding a dog with text "Samin Nostrat makes pasta in a microwave"
“Samin Nosrat makes pasta in a microwave” by Refinery29
 A person getting their makeup done by Blackpink's makeup artist
“I got a full face from BLACKPINK's makeup artist” by Refinery29
A person applying glitter to their eyelid
“We have the perfect glitter look for you even if you only have 15 minutes” by Refinery29
Light-up Nike sneakers floating above the ground
“How technology is shaping the world of sneakers” by Input Mag
VR simulation of hands interacting with a game of blocks
“These VR experiences will delight and enrage you” by Input Mag
A person wearing streetwear walking along the beach
“You don't have to live in Japan to buy "Japan-exclusive" streetwear” by Input Mag
A modern foldable phone
“A brief history of modern foldable phones” by Input Mag
A skeleton of the full body of a bird
“Incredible CT tech resurrects 2,000-year-old animal mummies” by Inverse
The side profile of a skeloton of the jaw and teeth of a human
“Dive into the body with the most famous anatomists on TikTok” by Inverse
A birds eye view of a map of Mars showing land and water
“Here's what Mars would look like covered in water” by Inverse
A darkened silouette of a human figure with their hands on their hips
“How scientists uncovered abstract art's powerful effect on the mind” by Inverse
Actress, Lili Reinhart posing on a red carpet wearing a puffy blue dress and large flower in her hair
“Lili Reinhart's style evolution, from simple dresses to couture looks” by Nylon
Pop singer, Madonna, on stage performing at the 2003 VMA
“The 8 craziest VMA moments of all time” by Nylon
Portrait of the musician Brandy
“Brandy's best beauty moments of the '90s and '00s” by Nylon
Kirsten Dunst cheerleading with text "Private icon: Bring it on"
“Private icon: Bring It On” by Nylon
Women standing in front of a statue holding flags in the early 1900's
“A short timeline of how women got the right to vote” by Bustle
Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone kissing from the movie Clueless
“11 at-home date ideas inspired by Clueless, Parent Trap & more of your favorite movies” by Bustle
A person doing yoga in front of a laptop on a purple mat
“9 short workouts you can do between Zoom meetings” by Bustle
A woman looking at herself in a bathroom mirror while brushing her teeth
“A dentist revaled how much pandemic stress is hurting our teeth” by Bustle
Two people standing on a fashion runway, showcasing colorful outfits
“11 designers who represent fashion's bright future, according to industry experts” by Bustle
A person standing in a store holding a drone up to the camera
“How the dual-propeller V-Coptr Falcon plans to take on DJ's drone empire” by Input Mag
Actress Amandla Stenberg posing for her picture in a slim, long black dress.
“Amanda Stenberg's best beauty looks are full of graphic eye looks & whimsical hair changes” by Nylon
A close up of the buttons on a video game controller
“The 7 most anticipated games of 2020” by Inverse
A cut out image of the gorilla from the movie Plant of the Apes ane Thanos from Avengers: Endgame
“The movie moments of the 2010s that changed Hollywood VFX” by Inverse
A collage of three drag queens posing
“How drag queens like Merrie Cherry, Kim Chi, and more are getting ready for Zoom shows” by Nylon
A forest filled with ferns
“How plants could help forensic scientists find human remains” by Inverse
A supercondocutor puck pulled from liquid nitrogen
“What are superconductors?” by Seeker
Two people lying in bed at an Open-air hotel room in the Swiss Alps
“Artists create open air hotel rooms in the Swiss Alps” by Now this is News
A paralympic swimmer training in a makeshift pool
“Paralympic swimmer builds makeshift pool to train during shutdown” by Now this is News
A robot barista making coffee
“Get your coffee made by this shop's new robot barista” by Now this is News
Taylor Swift playing a piano surrounded by a forest
“5 lyrics from Taylor Swift's Folklore for when you're really going through it” by POPSUGAR
Portrait of Carrie Carrollo with text "Wallpaper 101"
“Wallpaper 101” by POPSUGAR
Two people flying with a jet suit with buildings in the background
“Three pilots in jet suits took over England” by Seeker
Orangutan looking off to the distance
“5 destinations to see wildlife with your kids” by Lonely Planet
Buffalo walking in snow with text "State pars that rival National parks"
“State parks that rival national parks” by Lonely Planet
Landscape view of India
“The 8 best hiking destinations in India” by Lonely Planet
Blue sky with palm trees with text "Five Best Day Trips from Los Angeles"
“Five best day trips from Los Angeles” by Lonely Planet
Landscape photograph with flowers in the foreground and a castle in the background
“Top 10 city parks from around the world” by Lonely Planet
Vintage car driving along a hillside in the Swiss Alps
“From the Swiss Alps to the French Riviera, these are our favorite European road trips” by Lonely Planet
Gluten-free vegan Jaffa cakes resting on a wire rack
“Gluten-free vegan jaffa cakes” by foodaciously
Prawns and banana curry in a bowl garnished with limes
“Prawns and banana curry” by foodaciously
Chocolate chip ice cream and ice cream cones on a counter
“Chocolate chip ice cream” by foodaciously
Sourdough pumkin bread sliced on a counter
“Sourdough pumpkin bread” by foodaciously
Close up view of vegan banana avocado muffins on a counter
“Vegan banana avocado muffins” by foodaciously
A close up of two people singing with text "Black,queer musicians you can listen to during Pride month"
“Black, queer musicians you can listen to during Pride Month” by USA Today
Rollercoaster with flags in the background and text "America's most iconic thrill rides"
“America's most iconic thrill rides” by USA Today
Illustration of three kids laying on a couch bored from being at home
“How to explain coronavirus to kids” by USA Today
A flour dusted countertop with cookie cutters and baking tins with text "Baking tips every beginner needs to know"
“Baking tips every beginner needs to know” by USA Today
Heirloom tomatoes placed on a dark countertop with text "What to know about heirloom tomatoes"
“What to know about heirloom tomatoes” by 10 Best
Illustration of an arm dropping off a letter with text "Her is why mail-in voting is so controversial"
“Here is why mail-in voting is so controversial” by USA Today
Doughnuts with sprinkles and the text "These are the best doughnuts in every state"
“These are the best doughnuts in every state” by USA Today
Envelope with two U.S. stamps and the text "A brief history of the U.S. Postal Service"
“A brief history of the U.S. Postal Service” by USA Today
Woman meditating by the ocean with text "11 meditation myths"
“11 meditation myths” by Forbes
Chicken kebob on a grill with text "Expert grilling tips from famous chefs"
“Expert grilling tips from famous chefs” by Forbes
Sean Connery leaning against a car with text "Own James Bond's Aston Martin DB5"
“Own James Bond's Aston Martin DB5” by Forbes
Inside of an estate with text "Inside a $100 million Bel Air estate"
“Inside a $100 milion Bel Air estate” by Forbes
A dog standing on its hind legs for a treat with text "10 funny 'Be more dog' photographs"
“10 funny 'Be More Dog' photographs” by Forbes
The front of Michael Jordan's estate with text "Inside Michael Jordan's $14.9 million Chicago mansion"
“Inside Michael Jordan's $14.9 million Chicago mansion” by Forbes
Silver watch with text "the best of watches & wonders 2020"
“The best of Watches & Wonders” by Forbes
A Lamborghini boat on the water with text "Lamborghini launches a $3.4 million powerboat"
“Lamborghini launches $3.4 million powerboat” by Forbes
Ceiling of a hotel with text "10 hotels with unusual architecture"
“10 hotels with unusual architecture” by Forbes
Face of a watch with text "12 watches inspired by cars"
“12 watches inspired by cars” by Forbes
Robert De Niro and Al Pachino with text "The best Netflix movies to watch"
“The best Netflix movies to watch” by gamesradar
Video game characters from Assasin's creed with text "Ranking the assassins of Assassin's Creed"
“Ranking the assassins of Assassin's Creed” by PC Gamer
Video game character in war setting with text "How to get wins in Call of Duty: Warzone"
“How to get wins in Call of Duty: Warzone” by The Loadout
Video game screen with settings shown and text "The best mobile two player games"
“The best mobile two player games” by Pocket Tactics
Video game character in a building with text "The best cyberpunk games"
“The best cyperpunk games” by PC Games
Portrait of a video game character with text "The best horror games on PC"
“The best horror games on PC” by PC Games
Video game character in a city setting with text "Scrubs intro remade in Rainbow Six Siege"
“Scrubs intro remade in Rainbow Six Siege” by PC Games
Abstract shapes with text "The biggest streamers"
“The biggest streamers” by The Loadout
Video game showing a character shooting with text "The best mobile RPGs"
“The best mobile RPGs” by Pocket Tactics
Video game setting of a city with heavy cloud cover and text "GTA 4 looks incredible in Unreal Engine"
“GTA 4 looks incredible in Unreal Engine” by PC GamesN
A person at a beach with text "How to train for an Ironman in less than 1 year"
“How to train for an Ironman (in less than 1 year)” by JM Fitness
Hands typing on a laptop with text "The Surface Laptop Go is a fantastic surprise"
“The Surface Laptop Go is a fantastic surprise” by Input Mag
Five iPhone 12s with text "The iPhone 12 family is out of control (in a good way)"
“The iPhone 12 family is out of control (in a good way)” by Input Mag
Black speaker with text "The Nest audio speaker will blow your mind"
“The Nest audio speaker will blow your mind” by Input Mag
Video game showing a tank with text "The best mobile strategy games"
“The best mobile strategy games” by Pocket Tactics
Moms with their children working with text "The alarming stats that show how the 'mom recession' is setting women back
“The alarming stats that show how the "mom recession" is setting woman back” by romper
Hamburgers grilling on a bbq with text "How to decide between wood, charcoal and gas grilling"
“How to decide between wood, charcoal and gas grilling” by 10 Best
Iron golf club head with text "What the pros use: Tiger Woods' TaylorMade irons"
“What the pros use: Tiger Woods' TaylorMade irons” by Golfweek
Palace de Versailles with text "A virtual tour"
“A virtual tour: Palace of Versailles” by Google
The Palace Museum with text "A virtual tour"
“A virtual tour: The Palace Museum” by Google
Ruins of Valle dei Templi with text "A virtual tour"
“A virtual tour: Valle de Tempii” by Google
People walking up a trail on Mount Hagaro with text "A virtual tour"
“A virtual tour: Mount Haguro” by Google
Smithsonian museum with text "A virtual tour"
“A virtual tour: Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian” by Google
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes with the text "A virtual tour"
“A virtual tour: Museu Nacional de Belas Artes - Rio” by Google
A person standind in the dark with text "The Expanse and the art of the long game"
“The Expanse and the art of the long game” by Den of Geek
Speech bubble with text "Can we shrink our pores"
“Can we shrink our pores?” by Beauty Within
A spoon scooping smores out of a bowl with text "Deep dish s'mores bowls for two"
“Deep dish s'mores bowls for two!” by Pinch of Yum
A person showing a peace sign with her hand and the text "The Tiny Herbivore with mismatched pattern outfit"
“Mismatched pattern outfit ideas” by The Tiny Herbivore
A person running with text "5 FAQ about the Ironman Marathon"
“5 FAQ about the Ironman Marathon” by JM Fitness
A barbaian yelling while in battle with the text "Den of Geek Germany's Barbaians is a Netflix Mega Hit"
“Germany's Barbarians is a Netflix mega hit” by Den of Geek
A person showing the transformation of their hair before and after being colored copper
“Copper hair color transformation” by POPSUGAR
Collage of five women on a gridded background with text "4 Afro-Latinx acts to add to your next playlist"
“4 Afro-Latinx acts to add to your next playlist” by POPSUGAR
A scene from the movie Back to the Future featuring the two main characters Marty McFly and Dr Emmet Brown
“Great Scott! Check out these Back to the Future recipes” by Inverse
A fake snake slithering through a fake plant and some rocks placed on a table top
“Top 5 snake myths debunked by science” by Inverse
A plate of fried chicken from a restraunt with a pickle placed on top for garnich
“Why pickle juice and fried chicken are such a magical combination” by Top 10
Portrait of actress Kristen Bell wearing a ping dress
“How Kristen Bell teaches her kids the big lessons” by romper
Portrait of a smilig person with brunettete curly hair
“I dyed my hair honey brown” by Refinery29
Two hands each holding a smartphone with the camerea lenses facing upward as to compare
“Pixel 5 vs iPhone 12: which takes better night photos?” by Input Mag
Mountain tops with the Northern Lights showing in the night sky
“How to photograph the Northern Lights” by Lonely Planet
Side profile of Taylor Swift (American singer) holding a microphone while performing
“Best celebrities to dress up as for Halloween” by Hollywood Life
Blurry black and white portrait of a person
“Celebrity Halloween birthdays” by Hollywood Life
Portrait of a person with long brown hair wearing a black shirt
“What $1,450 can get you in Austin, Texas” by Refinery29
A white PS5 game console and controller
“PS5 review: Sony's next-gen console is already doing everything right” by gamesradar
Close up of the to of a plant, focused on the large green leaves
“5 reasons to purchase fake plants” by Architectural Digest
A white PS5 game console and controller
“The PS5 is a big, bold statement on next-gen gaming” by Input Mag
Birdseye view of a macbook laptop keyboard
“Apple officially divorces Intel and Mac Mini” by Input Mag
Small electric racer bike parked outside in a grassy area
“Take the holidays off-road with these scrambler-style e-bikes” by Input Mag
Close up of the Star Wars silver helmet worn in Madalorian
“Behold! The ultimate Mandalorian collectible helmet” by Inverse
Close up of a black hole in outer space
“3 reasons why black holes are the scariest things in space” by Inverse
Two penguins waddling
“Scientists say these penguins are actually 4 different species” by Inverse
Close up of a planet
“How the raging storms of Saturn and Jupiter form” by Inverse
Green and blue illustration of the topography of a coral reef
“Otherwordly images reveal coral skeleton-building” by Inverse
A large group of skiers waiting in line for the charlift at a ski resort
“Europe's 7 safest ski destinations” by Forbes
A folded white and tan blanket with tassels that is folded and placed on a small bench inside of a home
“4 home decor items to make your bedroom extra cozy” by POPSUGAR
Exterior of a Japanese building that is organge and green that is next to a large waterfall on the side of a mountain
“Japan's most spectacular natural wonders” by Lonely Planet
Person sitting down on the ground to play with a small black and brown puppy
“These dads will totally melt your heart” by the dodo
Person hearding a small group of goats into a field
“The town with more dogs than people” by Vice
Scared dog hiding in grass while laying in dirt
“3 must-watch dog rescues” by the dodo
A mountain lion that is crawling onto a branch on a hillside
“Crazy wildlife rescues that will make you go OMG” by the dodo
3 mountain goats staging in parking lot in front of a large tan house
“See animals running wild in empty cities” by Forbes
Person wearing a strapless pink dress posing for a photo at an awards red carpet
“Deepika Padukone's most fabulous hairstyles” by NDTV
Side profile of a charactor from a video game wearing armor and a holding a firely sword
“Video games that will make you sweat” by NDTV
A cheesecake with fresh diced mangos on top with chocolate drizzle and a pink macaroon used for garnish
“No-bake mango cheesecake recipe” by NDTV
Two people sitting on the ledge of a body of water and looing at the exterior of a golden temple
“10 things you must do while in Amritsar” by NDTV
out of focus image of the interior of a house
“Get to know Janhvi Kapoor” by Vogue
A pot containing Khandvi while having a suace poured on top
“How to make khandvi” by Conde Nest Traveller
A reusable weaved bag laying open and containing cotten swabs, a dish washing bruch and wooden utinsels
“Eco-friendly travel products to pack” by Conde Nest Traveller
GQ Web story cover that says "5 leg exercises to stay fit at home"
“Follow Prakash Amritraj for these 5 leg exercises to stay fit at home” by GQ
Close up portrait of a person in the sun with long brunette hair and natural makeup
“Beauty secrets of Tara Sutaria” by Pinkvilla
Person in the desert standing inbetween two camels with colorful attire
“पुष्‍कर मेले को खास बनाती है ये 6 चीजें” by Her Zindagi
Large Hindi golden statue in front of a mountain covered in green foliage
“विदेश में स्थित 9 प्रसिद्ध मंदिर” by Her Zindagi
Image of 2 bread based pastries placed on a yellow plate with a spoon
“कैसे बनायें गोल और फूली पूरियां” by Her Zindagi
Close up of an indoor succulant
“एलोवेरा के 4 आसान ब्‍यूटी हैक्‍स” by Her Zindagi
Scenery of moutains in the background, colorful buildings and a large body of water in the forground
“नैनीताल और नैना देवी की अद्भुत कथा” by Her Zindagi
A baked potato that has been cut into 4 sections with cheese melted on top and garnish
“टेस्टी जैकेट पोटैटो रेसिपी” by Her Zindagi
Wooden bowl containing an assortment of mixed nutes and garnish
“ड्राई फ्रूट और उनमें मौजूद कैलोरी” by Onlymyhealth
Child performing a soccer trick on the field
“खेल के दौरान चोट लगने के कारण और बचाव” by Onlymyhealth
Hands of a person who is taking their blood with a blue digital blood sugar monitor
“डायबिटीज के प्रकार और इनके लक्षण” by Onlymyhealth
Hand of a person sprinkling sugar onto bread based pastries
“खाने में कितनी हो नमक की खुराक?” by Onlymyhealth
Birdseye view of a wood table with cherry tomatoes, basic and a wooden spon
“स्‍वाद के साथ सेहत का भी रखें ख्‍याल” by Onlymyhealth
Person holding a weight scale with a tape measurer draped across both of their shoulders
“मोटापा कम करने वाले 6 एक्‍सरसाइज” by Onlymyhealth
Person sitting on a rock outside looking at the green scenery from the top of a hill
“Top things to do in OOTY” by NDTV
Woman sitting on a bed looking off into the distance while using a laptop
“Ergonomia no home office” by Chata de Galocha
Portrait of a woman wearing red lipstick
“TIPO4 favoritos” by TIPO4
Portrait of a smiling Princess Diana wearing a striped share and a wide brimmed hat
“4 lições de beleza por Lady Di” by Garotas Estúpidas
Portrait of a person with a plaid suit  and 3 pearl necklaces
“Colar de pérolas e miçangas masculino” by O Cara Fashion
Woman outside holding a piece of wood used to build furniture
“DIY bancada para sacada!” by Mania de Decoração
Portrait of a young person with a post-it note on their face and an older person
“Novos K-Dramas para você conferir na Netflix em 2021” by Revista KoreaIN
Interior of a home with a blue desk, organge chairs and plants
“Entra dois mundos” by Histórias de Casa
Portrait of a person wearing sunglasses, dress and holding a purse
“7 vestidos estilosos e curingas para a estação” by Steal the Look
Interior of a historical opera building
“Faça um tour pela Ópera de Paris!” by Tutu da Ju
The back end of a car in the dark
“A história da Isetta que resgatou refugiados na Alemanha Oriental” by Autoesporte
A street memorial that includes a portrait of a woman, notes and a quilt
“Igreja do reino da arte” by Revista Trip
Side profile of a person wearing earbuds and a hat
“Os brasileiros que já foram indicados ao Prêmio Puskás” by SportBuzz
Two pieces of layered red velvet cake
“Como comer menos doces” by FOLHA
A line that has curves and breakpoints that are represented by blue dots
“Seque o fio” by TAB
Person dressed up as a super hero jumping in the air
“Mitos do empreendedorismo” by Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios
Portrait of Salvador Dalí's face
“5 fatos excêntricos sobre Salvador Dalí” by Aventuras na História

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