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Top creator news updates for January 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, we’ve been putting out weekly episodes of The Creator Update, our three-minute video recap of the latest news from the creator economy. In every episode, hosts from the Google for Creators team round up timely need-to-knows about new creator promotions, along with relevant content creation tools, features and platform updates.

You can always check out the latest Creator Update on Thursdays on the Google for Creators YouTube channel. But if you’re a binge-watcher, this monthly blog post has all the latest episodes to watch, along with recaps of all the key highlights from each show.

So let’s catch up on the top creator news updates in January, starting with today’s episode.

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Jan. 27:

  • Koji launches a Truth or Dare app for creators to interact with and earn money from their communities.
  • YouTube’s Media Kit allows creators to download a PDF featuring a summary of their channel’s key metrics, including subscribers, unique viewers and average watch time per clip.
  • Instagram and TikTok are testing subscription models that will let creators monetize exclusive content.
  • Important dates to keep in mind for February content planning: Black History Month, Lunar New Year, New Fashion Week, Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.
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January 20:

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January 13:

  • Twitter’s Tweet Takes allow users to add TikTok-style video reactions and photos to tweets.
  • Instagram announced it’s 2022 priorities: doubling down on video, particularly Reels, and introducing more monetization tools for creators.
  • LinkedIn, which now has 722 million subscribers, launched Audio Rooms, a Clubhouse-style feature that lets users host live discussions on LinkedIn.
  • YouTube has updated Super Thanks, its monetization feature that lets viewers make donations to favorite creators. Now, users can add a custom message when they purchase a Super Thanks.
  • Creators take note: A new tax rule goes into effect this year. Digital payment services like PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are now required to report earnings (if they total $600 or more) that people made for goods and services sold.

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