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Animations editorial guidelines

Animations bring life and motion to your Web Story pages. You can animate individual elements and entire pages to create an immersive experience. However, use them wisely and sparingly. Animations can become obnoxious or distracting when overused.

Timing is everything

Pages should enter their completed state quickly - an animation should not stop a user from tapping to the next page - but not too fast! It’s important to deliver the right combination of style and duration. For example, simple animations should take less than 500 milliseconds, but panning on a background image should last longer.

Consider getting creative with motion. Animate multiple objects into a sequence, rather than having them move together in a single effect. Elements can have different effects and durations that work towards a cohesive animation.

Vibe and style

Pair your animation style with your story’s aesthetic. Use the available Web Story animation library to help you find a style and intensity that works for you without distracting from content.