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Use content gaps to inspire and grow

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What you'll learn

  1. What content gaps are
  2. Content gaps can inspire new content
  3. Filling content gaps can grow your audience
  4. How Question Hub can help you find content gaps

With connected devices that fit in our pockets, it feels like all the world's knowledge is at our fingertips. But, have you ever had a question that you just couldn’t find the answer to? No matter what queries you searched for or where you looked, your curiosity just wasn’t satisfied! If this experience sounds familiar, you’ve found a content gap.

What content gaps are

It’s hard to believe, but the answers to everything aren’t on the internet. At least, not yet! When users search for something and don’t find the answer in their results, this means there’s a content gap. While a content gap may be frustrating for a user, it’s an opportunity for a creator like you.

Content gap to inspired creation

Ever feel like your niche is over saturated? Worried about your content not surfacing to users? Well, content gaps are a signal that users are actively looking for something they cannot find, and you can create content to fill that gap. If you have something to share that can help fill that gap, you’ve got your next post topic ready to go!

Grow your audience

Content gaps identify an audience need that is not being filled. Unlike social feeds, where users are presented content the algorithm thinks they’d enjoy, content gaps show what users are actively searching for. By creating content with few results that users are looking for, you strengthen your content’s chances of being discovered!

Use Question Hub to find content gaps

Google Search organizes information to find the most relevant, useful results for each user’s search. But, Google can’t surface content that isn’t there! That’s why we created Question Hub, a tool from Google that gives you access to questions users asked, but didn’t get high enough quality results.

How question hub works

Question Hub collects unanswered questions directly from users to identify content gaps online. Creators like you can then use these insights to create better content for your audience. Once you sign up for question hub you can search for topics related to your niche. It will surface related questions with content gaps to your topics. Then, you can create content to fill that gap! After it’s created, you can share your content directly with Google so we can surface it as a result! Your content now has the potential to get more clicks and users have answers to what they’re searching for. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Get started with Question Hub

Question Hub is free, easy to use and gives you insights on how your content performs. If you have a Google account, a website, and a Search Console property, you’re set to go! Visit the Question Hub homepage and click “Sign Up” to get started searching for content gaps and creating content!